A college degree can not only help you improve your knowledge and skills to get a better job, but also help you earn more money. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that individuals with an associate’s degree generally make $47,000 while someone with a bachelors earns $58,000, masters $61,000 and an MBA $78,000. As these numbers show, an education is one of the best ways to move up in your career and boost your salary.


But whether you want to move up in your career or start a new career is completely dependent on you. If you want to start in a new career then an education is the first step. Each career comes with a different average salary. For individuals after graduation that choose to work in the designated fields, may expect to earn:

  • HR Assistants $33,000
  • Accountant s$41,000
  • Project Manager $63,000
  • Police Officers $49,000
  • Paralegals $45,000
  • Web Designers $46,000
  • Interior Designers $37,000
  • Public School Teachers $51,000
  • Nurses $61,000
  • IT Programmers $54,000
  • Editors $51,000
  • Intelligence Analyst s $61,000
  • Electricians $48,000

Choosing a Career

Individuals just starting out in these careers may not earn as much as they might want, but with work and dedication generally comes promotion and ultimately higher pay. But what is really important to most people is being happy in their careers. Many see an education as a way to advance in their career or to get into a different one. But they should remember to study and pursue a degree in a career that they would love. As Uri Geller said, “Do what you love. When you love your work, you become the best worker in the world.” And the better your education, skills, and outlook are about your job, the better worker you become, and that means managers will be more likely to notice your efforts and promote you.

Through the years there have been many individuals that have worked in lower end jobs and then earned their degree and moved into professions and companies that they love. The same is true for individuals that were in stressful and high paying jobs; they gave it all up in order to pursue their dreams and be in a job that they love. And they are now very happy and encourage others to give up jobs that they hate and pursue a career that will make them happy despite what the salary is. Although salary is important, it is more important to love what you do.

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  • I will be successful, I can be original, I must aim higher. I want to live a simple life while being comfortable with my pay.

  • Now that I’m married and a public servant, I find myself wanting even more. I love my wife and I can’t wait to have a family. That is why I would like to get TCLOCE certified and help younger generations understand that drugs are not the answer.

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  • I have been home raising my children for the past thirteen years. I was a classroom teacher before I became a full-time mom. I’d like to re-enter the field I left, but I clearly need additional training in teaching online. If I get the scholarship I would like to pursue an online program which prepares me to teach, online.

  • I would love to go back to school but in order for me to do that I would need help with a grant. That’s why I have never tried to before but now I’m ready but I need help paying for it.

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  • Im interested in knowing how i can attend college ,work on my current job, take care of my kids, maintain my household and pay my mortgage without some sort of grant.

  • i would like to get a degree in law enforcement but i don’t graduate until december or may in a couple of months which is good

  • Life long learing to accomodate the needed changes with technogy.When I first graduated from high school, computers were just comming on the scene with a simple green and black screen, at my workplace. After a fall, in July 2002, ended my law enforcement career. Now that technology is so very important to learn and know,and also required to obtain gainfull employment, I know why I need to go back to school!

  • At this time i am unable to pursue school, due to working under w/comp-Voc-Rehab; probably in 4-6mos.

  • I have been wanting to get a degree for sometime now, but like so many others out there I cannot afford to pay for the schooling. I look forward to my future and new career should that day come for me.

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