As the following infographic shows, with a degree generally comes better wages. However, that isn’t necessarily a guarantee. Some people will excel in whatever they do regardless of whether they have a degree education but it can certainly help them. But on the other hand there are also individuals that graduate from college and don’t manage to excel in their careers. So an individual’s success is largely dependent not only on their skill set but also their employment wages

But overall a college degree will most likely make a difference in the jobs and wages you’re able to get. But notice that this graph shows little difference between the wages of someone that has some college and another with an associates degree. What this boils down to is that if you’re going to earn a degree at least get a bachelors; because an associates isn’t really worth it.

Now if individuals do want to pursue a bachelors, masters, doctoral, or professional degree then they have a better chance of getting a good job. Because employers like to hire individuals with a degree and the higher degree you have, the less likely other applicants are to have one. Which means, that the interviewee with the degree will have a better chance at getting the job. Although, individuals shouldn’t underestimate the need for experience.

Another interesting fact is that the higher an individuals education level is, the less likely they are to be unemployed or underemployed, because employers value them and are more likely to let go of someone with only a high school degree or some college experience than someone that has a bachelors or masters degree. So with a degree comes higher job security.

Education vs Employment
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