It seems that the more I watch TV shows like Jay Leno’s street walking, and trivia shows, the more surprised I am about how poorly I did on geography tests. I took a few online quizzes and I didn’t do nearly as well as I thought. No wonder people outside the U.S. think Americans are idiots. I’m now starting to understand it.

I took several quizzes and I didn’t do too shabby in South and Central America or Australia and Oceana or even Asia or Western Europe but when it came to Subsaharan Africa and countries in Eastern Europe like Macedonia, Serbia, Moldova, and all those countries it was bad news. I’m embarrassed to say what I got but I will be spending some time studying where countries like Gabon, Cameroon, Senegal, Togo, and Malawi are located.

But do some of these quizzes to test your geographic knowledge. Even if you think you’ll ace them try it and then post your scores here.

World Geography

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