Work can be extremely stressful, but it can be more enjoyable the more you simplify. So try and eliminate the routine, and focus on what’s really important. It’s easy to get bogged down by everything that needs to get done but by focusing and eliminating time wasters can be much more productive.

Save Time at Work
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Start off simple and don’t undertake too much change at one time or it may become extremely discouraging. Do it slowly and one easy change to make is by going into the office early. Although it can be nice to sleep in, there are a lot of benefits that come with going in early. In the morning it’s quiet so it’s easier to get things done. There aren’t meetings, people chatting, or phones ringing so there aren’t tons of things taking up your time and distracting you.Eight Ways to Save Time at Work, career tips, career advice

Even though people work long hours, they may not be as productive as they could be. So, by limiting your hours at work, you have the ability to focus and get a lot more done because you’ll waste less time. So the 10 hour work day can easily turn into a seven hour work day if you’re willing to focus and work much more efficiently.

Another great way to increase productivity and encourage yourself is by setting priorities. By making a simple list, you’ll be sure to get the most important things done first and then if the less important things aren’t completed it doesn’t really matter cause you can work on them the next day.

A major key is understanding what distracts you and wastes a lot of your time at work. By recognizing this, individuals can avoid a lot of distractions.  If individuals get distracted by Twitter or other social networks or even emails, or surfing the internet, they can  postpone a lot of that until later in the day. That way their priorities are finished and they have something to look forward to later on. On the other hand if you start the day off with these distractions, it’s going to be a long day for you with little productivity.

Another way to simplify your workday is by writing shorter emails. Realize that a lot of time can be saved here. Because first of all emails can get really wordy and long winded so by writing shorter emails quite a bit of time will be saved.

Also, by automating a lot of tedious work and man hours will be saved for more important things. Forget those tedious reports and tasks, because with a little help from IT those will no longer be your responsibilities.

And another big time saver is eliminating meetings. Realize that 90% of meetings are a waste of time; so only have them when it’s absolutely necessary and go into them with an agenda, and remember to keep it short.

And lastly, remember to take breaks. It’s a scientific fact that our brains and bodies need time to rest so get up out of your chair and walk around. Or go take a breather outside or chat with someone for a few minutes, or even massage your neck. And

then get back to work and avoid all the distractions that are commonplace in the office.

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