reasons for dropping out of collegeWarning: While all statistics and trends are accurate, approximately 44% of this post is not true. We trust you to make that distinction.

1. To Stay Closer to Mom and Dad

What are Mom and Dad going to put in the basement if you leave? I’m sure they’ll get a treadmill to fill up the space.

2. I Need to Beat WoW/Halo/Rock Band

These games provide hours, perhaps days, of fun and destruction. Maybe you could be one of those people who tests video games. That would be awesome.

3. Money is Overrated

But it sure is necessary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school graduates make $16,000 less annually than those with bachelor’s degrees. You probably wouldn’t be interested in that, though.

4. Independence is Overrated

Has your car ever broken down? Has your computer ever crashed? Have you ever wanted to make your own website? What if you had a degree that allowed you to do that for yourself and other people and you actually got paid? Before you know it, you’re moving out of Mom and Dad’s and the treadmill is moving in.

5. Degree-Schmegree

Nobody cares about degrees anymore. Your future is completely dependent on experience. I don’t need a piece of paper to tell people I know what I’m doing.

Remember, your degree is a type of guarantee. You may be a hard worker but that “piece of paper” verifies your work ethic to future employers . Your future depends on a degree combined with experience. Check out this article on how to choose the right degree.

6. My Band is About to Hit it Big

I bet you guys are good. Why not get a degree while you’re on the road? It’s never a bad idea to have a backup plan in case the Trash Storm doesn’t get a record deal anytime soon.

7. My Dad Never Graduated from College and He’s Fine

The job market is a lot different than it was when your dad was your age. Most employers now screen applicant according to education. You want to make sure you have a degree to get you in the door.

8. School is Taking Over My Social Life

We know that sometimes it’s hard to imagine your school experience boosting your social life, but it can! Go to class → meet new people. It’s almost like magic!

9. I’m too Cool for School

Yeah, school is for nerds. Who needs that fancy book-learning? Just remember that those nerds are going to be making bank soon enough. Do you want to work for the nerds or employ them?

10. I’ve Already Started my Own Company

That’s great! You obviously have some entrepreneurship in you. Why not have a degree that gives you the authority and knowledge to make your company as successful as possible?

By now you should be considering starting up your college search. You won’t regret it. In fact, you’ll likely send us a dozen roses for setting you on the right path.

4 comments on “Top 10 Reasons to Drop Out of School

  • I must say, I found this article to be very offensive. I dropped out of school in 4th grade and never looked back (I’m in 9th right now). I’ve been able to move at my own pace and study more things that I want to know. For example, I’m a film maker, and being in school simply doesn’t allow me the time I need to focus on it. Now I read books on the history of it, watch one acclaimed and one panned film a week to see why they did or didn’t work and actually make films. It’s worked really well for me and I’m even debating whether or not to go to college! That has more to do with most successful film makers dropping out of or not attending film school. Quentin Tarantino (who I was named after) dropped out around my age in high school!

    But reason 4 is what really struck a nerve. Drop-outs aren’t independent? I’m building a computer, doing projects about things like how video games can be taken seriously by the public, I’m working on an app (just the idea right now), I’m learning fencing and Bass Guitar, and attending a community college for some different classes. And that’s simply what I’m doing right now, not what I have done.

    I’m not saying that school isn’t helpful for someone with a different mindset than me, or who is going for a different career, I’m just saying that you seem to be taking ignorant jabs at drop outs. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe this article is just jabs at certain drop-outs and I’m just reading too far into it. Or, maybe you’re right. I may be making films right now, but I haven’t been shopping them around to festivals, Ive just started looking to be an apprentice, so maybe I won’t be successful. Maybe I’ll end up coming back to live with my parents. Maybe I’ll regret the decision to leave school all of my life, but I’ll fight not to.

    P.S. I actually have moved my room down to the basement for more space. Just thought you might find some humor in that.

  • The 4th grade dropout has a flawed argument from the very beginning – he IS taking community college classes. And the rest of it is just self-congratulatory bragging. Good luck kiddo! I hope all that conceit doesn’t get in the way of you actually learning something from someone else.

  • its illegal to not be schooled until the age of 16, where then you have the choice of dropping out. You might have read that in the declaration if you hadnt “dropped out”.

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