You can save yourself a bundle of moolah and avoid being the owner of *that car* pulled over to the side of the road if you know how to take care of these simple fixes for your vehicle. (Please note, these 5 are chosen because they assume you already know how to put gasoline in your tank and recognize the “Empty” fuel light your car dash prominently displays for your benefit.)

1. The oil in your car keeps it from building up too much friction and is essential to keep your car running. The filter removes contaminants that would seriously clog up the inner workings of your car. Give yourself 5 points if you know how to check your oil – 2 more points if you know which oil is best for your car. Does it run best on 10W30, 10W40, or Synthetic? 1 more point if you know how often your oil needs to be changed.
Bonus: 10 extra points if you can change your own oil and oil filter
2. Award yourself 1 point if you can check and fill Windshield Washer Fluid (Yah, that is not a lot in the point department, but come on, it is almost as easy as turning on the TV, so you should be able to do this.) – 1 more point if you know if you need a special formula of washer fluid for the outdoor conditions where you live.
3. Jot down 5 points on your score if you know how to check and fill your Radiator Fluid – 1 more point if you know where the overflow is 1 point if you know what it means by 50/50 proportion
4. 5 Points for being able to check tire pressure and put air in your tires. Did you know tire pressure can affect your gas mileage? –2 Points if you know your ideal air pressure {Check your manual for PSI -pounds per square inch of air in your tires} – 2 Points of you know how often your tires should be balanced and rotated.
5. 3 Points if you can check and change air filter – this is very important for optimum car performance – 1 more point if you know how often it needs to be changed

Rate Your Basic Car Knowledge:

Answers: Please note, most answers for your particular make and model of car, not to mention your precise driving circumstances will be located in your owner’s manual. Refer to it first.

    Thank you, now on with the quiz:

  • 1. Oil Changed: Every 3,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first
  • 2. Washer Fluid: Check diagram in owner’s manual. Don’t worry, this one is pretty easy.
  • 3. Ratio: this is the percentage of coolant to water
  • 4. Filter Changed : Every15,000 for the city driver
  • 5. Tires Rotated: Every 5,ooo – 7,000 miles

Rate Yourself

40 points – This is only possible if you got the bonus points. You did not need this quiz in the slightest, I’m surprised you stayed with us on this post. But since you’re still reading, how do you feel about changing oil for a complete stranger and the author of very random blogs?
27-30 Congratulate yourself – you are doing pretty well. Brush up on those few things and you’ll be smarter than 84.1% of the drivers on the road. But you already knew that.
21-26 Learning a few more skills here will give you extra cash for a movie or a new pair of shoes.
17-20 Please get to know your car manual – it takes a lot less time out of your life than hiking to a gas station when your car stalls. 12-16 Hopefully you still have only your learner’s permit if you only scored in this range.
12 and below – Put your car in park and walk away. Just walk away. You are a menace to yourself on the road.

About the Author: Margo Smith is a graduate of Brigham Young University. She enjoys writing about a variety of subjects from colony collapse disorder to taking classes online to car maintenance. She draws from her own education, her years in college and an author’s perspective on life when compiling articles.

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