Hong Kong UniversityAfter high school graduation many students decide to go to college, while some travel the world, and others immediately start their careers. But within those major decisions there are many other choices they must mull over and decide on. For example, whether to go to a local college or move and attend a university in another state or country.

Fortunately, for everyone US News and World Report ranks schools and puts out the “World’s Best Universities” list so students will know what their options are. So now students can earn a degree from a top rated university and still live abroad. This allows individuals to travel and experience something new but also increase their knowledge and skills at the same time. And these are the highest ranked international universities are located in many countries throughout the world, so students can choose which country or school fits their needs and wants best.

Englanduniversity of melbourne
2. University of Cambridge
4. University of College – London
5. Imperial College London
5. University of Oxford
23. Kings College London
26. University of Manchester

17. Australian National University
36. University of Melbourne
36. University of Sydney
41. University of Queensland
47. University of New South Wales

18. McGill University
29. University of Toronto
40. University of British Columbia

22. University of Tokyo
25. Kyoto University
43. Osaka University

24. University of Hong Kong
35. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
46. The Chinese University of Hong Kong
49. Tsinghua University

Other Top Rated Universities
20. University of Edinburgh
20. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
36. Ecole Polytechnique
43. Trinity College Dublin
47. Seoul National University
49. University of Amsterdam

If students are debating between going to college and traveling the world, they should know there is a third option. There are great universities everywhere and these universities made it into the top 50 of U.S. News & World Report’s “World’s Best Universities: Top 400.”

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