houston ranks firstGraduating from college can be extremely exciting but also frightening. After students leave school, they have to decide where to live and a majority of the time that is determined by where the jobs are located. So it can be helpful for grads to know where the best cities are for jobs. The following ten cities are great for college grads to move to because there are a lot of opportunities there.

1. Houston
2. D.C.
3. Dallas
4. Atlanta
5. Austin
6. Minneapolis
7. Pittsburgh
8. Denver
9. Columbus
10. Fort Worth

And not only are there jobs available, but the social scene is also great. These are great cities for young adults because not only are there great job opportunities, but the cost of living is moderate and the social scene fits a number of different personalities and interests. So everyone will fit in and enjoy living in these cities and in comparison to other cities there are many professional opportunities awaiting these grads.

These cities all have corporations as well as start-up companies so individuals can choose which type of company works best for them. Each type has different opportunities, so students will have to decide which type of company works best for them, but regardless on what they decide these are great cities for young adults.

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