Online colleges reach out to religious studentsCollege students who are deeply devoted to their religious beliefs and wish to pursue higher education in their faith have many campus-based and online learning options to do so. However, some of these degree seekers may worry that their studies will interfere with their ministry-related duties.

Fortunately, some online schools are beginning to recognize the needs of these students by creating degree programs that can be completed around a busy schedule.

Loyola Institute for Ministry is one of these colleges, as school officials recently announced the launch of two new master’s programs that are intended to serve religious students. These individuals may work toward graduate degrees in religious education or pastoral studies.

Similar courses of study will address various subjects in the field, including youth ministry, parish life and administration, religion, ecology, spirituality and Hispanic ministry.

Individuals who hold master’s degrees in related fields may be qualified for jobs with a wide range of organizations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition to religious associations – which are the most popular employer of these degree holders – they may work for higher education providers, elementary and secondary schools, the federal government, family service providers or individuals.

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