University of Oklahoma continues to help those in the armed forces earn their master's degree The University of Oklahoma reports that of the 6,000 graduate students at the college, approximately 1,750 will pursue a master’s degree on a military base, according to The Oklahoma Daily. These students may be active-duty service members or dependents of military personnel.

The degree programs are taught by professors who are flown onto military bases all over the world, who are available to students for 30 contact hours. While the academic schedule is condensed, the content taught in the sessions is the same material that is delivered at the university.

“It is the same classes, same professors, same standards,” said T.H. Lee Williams, professor and Graduate College dean.

Typical sessions for graduate programs are four hours of class time during the week and eight hours on the weekends. After they complete the required 15 hours of reading and assignments outside of class, students may finish the equivalent of a 13-week course in two weeks.

Military students can receive their degree within two years, and many take advantage of the flexibility the online classes the college offers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that individuals who have obtained a master’s degree earn an average of $1,257 per week.

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  • Awesome. You wouldn’t think being in the armed forces was challenging enough, but studying for a degree too – hats off to them!

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