mom in schoolIf you could call motherhood a job, I have two of the most difficult bosses around.

They don’t let me get much done — yet they insist on me doing everything. They tell me what to do and throw fits if I don’t do it immediately. Their needs come first, and mine are not considered in the least. Yes, there are rewards. But the hours are horrible.

Back to School

That is why I have huge respect for women who balance being a mother with going to school, back to school or are even thinking about balancing their Mommy hours with education in any way. In my world, it is near impossible some days to even eat anything other than leftover chicken nuggets. I cannot imagine thinking about homework, reading, writing papers and doing classroom presentations on top of that.

Balancing Work and School

But I think about school all the time. A little part of me could like to be a teacher, a lawyer, a business leader. Sure, I’m content taking care of my little ones: I have a 5-year-old son and a 3-year-old daughter. I balance a freelance career as a reporter/writer with their everyday needs. If I’m in the middle of writing and someone needs a glass of water, I stop what I’m doing and get that water. Then I get back to the task at hand. (In all fairness, they also give me space to make calls and return emails when needed. But most of my writing takes place after they’re in bed.)

So with this blog, I’m going to try to give you — and myself — a little information, some entertainment and, hopefully, a great place for discussion about working, learning and mothering all at the same time. Please pass on any story suggestions or topics you’d like to see covered. I’m ready to tackle any topics that you throw my way.

I also have lots of ideas about what things we could talk about in the months (and years!) to come. I’d like to focus at first on some of the big-picture challenges women who are going to school deal with every day. I also am going to find lots of women to profile who are meeting this challenge and thriving — plus, they’ll share how they’re getting it done. Having a family is wonderful, but having a rewarding intellectual life and career is also important. I cannot wait to see what we can learn together.

So — what do you want to talk about?

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