Partnership will allow ASU to reach more students for its online schoolPearson, an academic publisher, and the Arizona State University (ASU) have teamed up to develop new technology and management services to support the institution’s online school. The partnership will allow the university to reach students around the country, one official said.

Pearson’s Management System

Pearson will provide its learning management system, Pearson LearningStudio, as well as software that will analyze trends in student grades and track the achievement of learning objectives and goals.

ASU Implements Online Courses

Furthermore, ASU will continue to design and implement each online course that will adhere to the school’s established guidelines and academic policies, under this new agreement.

“The reality is that learning online is very demanding and most students already have family and work responsibilities. The more support they receive, the better their learning outcomes and overall experience will be,” said Philip Regier, executive vice provost and Dean of ASU Online.

Pearson will also provide enrollment services for ASU’s online program as well as retention and engagement support, which will serve to better connect with students throughout the entire admissions process.

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