Record enrollment at Hodges University attributed to recessionThe economic recession has contributed to Hodges University record enrollment of 3,000 students who are pursuing degrees through the school's campuses, learning sites and its online courses, sources told

College officials say that boosting financial aid, maintaining moderate tuition increases and retaining students through graduation have also contributed to the the milestone enrollment numbers for the university.

“The overwhelming demand for higher education in our area is a reflection of the current economy, as well as the opportunities that Hodges provides to adult students seeking different career choices," said Terry McMahan, Hodges University President.

Students are re-tooling their skills for a better future, and as companies start to hire more people jobseekers will want a competitive edge, one college official told the news source.

Currently, the university has students from 30 states and found that night classes are the primary options for those who are working full-time. Technological advances will continue to push their online school forward and provides that the proper framework for continued growth, McMahan told the news source. 

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