Online courses can help students get their degrees faster.As online classes grow in popularity at colleges across the country, the University of California (UC) announced this week that it may create similar offerings to cut costs. In an effort to save on expenses and help students graduate earlier, UC has developed a plan that would institute more summer and online classes. The school also hopes to increase enrollment by taking this measure, according to the Daily Bruin.

While a shorter degree program may help working adults obtain degrees quicker, the plan has faced criticism. Robert Samuels, president of the University Council-American Federation of Teachers, tells the newspaper that students may have a harder time taking online classes seriously without face-to-face communication with educators.

UC has already started a trial run of online courses. The school believes that by offering these type of classes, summer enrollment may increase and reduce scheduling conflicts for students. The UC commission has also said it wants to increase nonresident enrollment. By doing so, it hopes to "enhance educational experience" for its students.

Online programs, such as the one offered by UC, are ideal for working professionals who are looking to earn a degree in a short amount of time. A degree can also help individuals advance in their careers.

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