The forensics class saw success with high school students.This week, Franklin Adult Education in Massachusetts announced that it will begin offering a course to adults that originally had success with Franklin Public School students. The six-week program is centered around forensics, according to the Medway Country Gazette. Topics include crime scene investigation, laboratory analysis, evidence gathering as well as determining the time and cause of death.

The course, which is set to kick off on October 18, focuses on teaching adults how forensics play a crucial role in the pursuit of justice. The entry fee for the program is $100, not including the cost of a $20 textbook. Individuals can still sign up by contacting the Franklin Adult Education office via telephone or online.

The program was redesigned for adults after the success it saw in the public school system as a summer class. The criminal mind, DNA evidence in convicting and ballistics will also be addressed throughout the course.

This adult education program, in particular, appeals to television crime drama fans. However, similar accredited programs can help working professionals earn degrees to excel in their current field.  

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