If you are a mom juggling a career, school and a family, etc., you and I both know that  life can just become so very exhausting! Yes?  I am betting you are yawning right now as you are reading this, ha I know I am.

Did you know, or maybe you have even heard of this in passing, that power naps help make you smarter?  It’s like a reboot for the brain.  Wow, seriously.  I heard this the other day and had to research it a little bit more to feed on this knowledge.  You may be asking the same thing I originally asked when I heard this; “How in the world do I have time to even fit in a power nap?”  Here is what I learned and have considered trying, I mean anything to make us smarter right?

Afternoon Naps Boost Brain Power

According to the NZ Herald, “Afternoon naps boost brain power.”  Which also improves brain memory.  Hey, us moms need that don’t we?  It’s so easy to get scattered and forgetful.  ”

Power Naps are Beneficial For Working or Studying

“Power naps make it easier for  the brain to store and retrieve information needed for working or studying,” according to this new study. If this has gotten your attention or even intrigued you for that matter, go to the NZ Herald: Afternoon naps boost brain power” to read further into this amazing study.

I guess it is up to us moms to decide where to fit in those power naps. (HINT: Sometime in the afternoon is suggested)  Are you willing to set aside a few minutes a day for a power nap if you knew it would revitalize and refresh you all the while making you smarter?  I know that I am looking into this, how about you?

2 comments on “A recent study shows that power naps may actually help make you smarter

  • I really enjoyed the information on taking power naps and do take them mostly everyday. I get up at 5:00am, and after about 8 hours, I need that rebooting. I do know it also alleviates stress and causes a calming in the soul. Great article by Lindsey Clair.

  • I love it when supporting evidence comes out that makes it okay to take cat naps 🙂 One thing to note is that napping longer than 15 or 20 makes it really hard to get back up again afterwards.

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