Online classes can help adults obtain degrees.When a college develops a new online program, it can open a door of possibilities for adults who are looking to finish their education. This week, Kaplan University announced that it will be introducing a number of new online programs to cater to the growing demand for adult education.

Master’s and Bachelor’s Programs

A master’s degree program in fire and emergency services and a bachelor of science in early childhood development program are just two of the many options Kaplan will offer.

Flexible Yet Rigorous

“By utilizing the innovation of our online platform blended with demanding course work, we offer students a flexible yet rigorous environment where they can achieve their educational and career goals,” said Geri Malandra, Kaplan University provost.

The School of Criminal Justice will hold the science in fire and emergency services program, while the early child development program will be held in the College of Arts and Sciences. New online specialization and certificate programs will also be available to students.

Individuals who held master’s degrees made $558 more per week in 2009 than those without a college degree, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As more working professionals look to return to college to advance their careers, flexible online programs are growing in popularity.

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