Let’s say you’re currently jobless, but not by choice. With massive unemployment still looming like a gaggle of vampires in a Twilight movie it’s going to take some time for you to find work. Even though you’ve written 20 different types of resumes, and you’ve applied for some jobs where the only requirement is “breathing,” it’s still taking you longer than you had hoped.

If you’re currently in this career purgatory now is the perfect time to try something completely wild and crazy (in terms of employment) to hold you over until you find a real job. We’re not talking about anything elaborate, just something simple that doesn’t take any start-up equity and that you can do yourself so you don’t have to pay anyone.

What’s that you say? You don’t have any marketable talents? (Outside the corporate world, that is.) We think you do, because talent isn’t necessarily what you’re capable of doing, but rather it’s being smart enough to think up unique, simple jobs that people are willing to pay for on the spot in cash.

So to help jumpstart your brain in a creative direction, we give you five temporary jobs you could do to hold you over until your ship comes in.

1. Resume Writer

How many resumes have you written since you’ve made job-hunting your new career? More importantly, how many resume websites have you visited or blogs have you read in an effort to educate yourself on the art of writing a resume? So why not share some of your newfound knowledge? For a small fee. Oh sure, there are professional resume-writers out there, but the irony is no one can afford the big bucks to have someone write their resume once they’re unemployed. However, they can usually fork over a few small bucks to someone who’s a little further along in the process of finding a job. You’d be surprised at how many people are paralyzed by the thought of writing their resume, especially if it’s been years since they’ve been unemployed.

2. The Five-minute Foot Massage

Find private property where people have to wait, like a doctor’s office, a coffee shop, a movie theatre, etc. Ask the owner if you can set up a small, comfortable chair and give five-minute foot massages at $1 per minute. If it’s an extremely high traffic area you can even offer to give the business-owner a cut, if you make over a certain amount. You’ll be shocked how many people will line up for a mini-foot rub. Don’t, however, set up shop in a public area without checking with the local Chamber of Commerce first. You could be arrested for panhandling in some cities if you don’t get a street vendor permit first.

And yes, you do have to get over the fact that you’re touching people’s feet (wearing surgical gloves helps), but I know an unemployed bank teller who did this and she made so much money she decided to go to massage therapy school. Eventually she ended up with a more lucrative and stable career as a massage therapist.

3. Dinner To Go

With everyone in such a hurry these days reasonably priced take-out food is on the rise. Obviously, you can’t afford to buy an In-and-Out Burger franchise, nor can you start your own restaurant. However, you can make it easier for people get their food by bringing it to them. Start your own food delivery service where you charge 10% of the total cost of the food order, or a minimum flat fee, which ever is greater. Hey, pizza parlors have been doing it for years, why not give Mexican food lovers the same great service?

4. Private Party Bartender

Now we admit, you have to know a little something about mixing drinks for this one, but honestly, it’s knowledge that’s easily gleaned from cocktail websites. With the holiday season starting (beginning with Halloween) many families and businesses are planning their neighborhood and office parties. Now is the perfect time to start marketing yourself an independent bartender. And if you do get an office job in mean time, you can still keep your bartending commitments, as parties are typically in the evenings and on weekends. It’s good extra money even after you finally reconnect with your regular career.

5. Pooper Scooper

Don’t laugh, I know someone who ended up making six figures a year scooping dog dooty. He started out doing private home backyards and eventually graduated to parks, where he landed lucrative seasonal contracts that were paid in advance by the city. It’s not necessarily pretty work, but the pay is good, you make your own hours, you’re outside, and all you need to start is some sort of utensil to scoop poop (check Petco for the different types).

These are just a few ideas to earn some extra cash while considering your future career options (which is how you spin the fact you’re unemployed). Even if none of these suggestions are right for you, feel free to use them as creative kindling to fire up your imagination. After all, if you’re going to be unemployed, you might as well be productive about it.

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