Social networking is helping University of Phoenix students stay connected.Online colleges provide individuals with the opportunity to return to school and maintain their hectic schedules. Courses that are available over the internet give working professionals flexibility while they earn their degrees. Now, the University of Phoenix has created an academically focused social network to enhance the connection between online students and administrators.

The University of Phoenix's Apollo Group has launched PhoenixConnect to help students, faculty and alumni keep in touch. The school hopes that the social network will encourage individuals to work together outside of their online classrooms. PhoenixConnect saw an adoption rate of 95 percent during the week following its debut on September 24.

"With PhoenixConnect, we're continuing to use technology in new, impactful ways to support both our online and campus-enrolled students," said Bill Pepicello, president of the University of Phoenix. "Our students can now enjoy the benefits and flexibility of an online degree program or campus classes, while also making important social and professional connections."

PhoenixConnect will become available to all students in 2011. Online programs, such as those that are offered by the University of Phoenix, are helping more working professionals further their careers.

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