UM officials say they see fewer people on campus and more students taking its online classesAccording to school officials at the University of Maine, overall enrollment has remained steady, but the number of students who take online classes has increased since last year, reports the Morning Sentinel.

Furthermore, the number of credit hours students are taking online has grown by 26 percent from last fall. College officials say that enrollment in Internet-based courses has jumped by 32.6 percent.

"We had faculty move courses from live [instruction] to the web, and students have filled them up," Jonathan Henry, dean of enrollment services at the school, told the news source. "They are some of the first courses to be filled up in registration."

The waiting lists for certain liberal arts programs have been shortened since the degree became available online. Students who choose to complete this curriculum have elected to take the online course over the traditional classroom offering.

According to a recent Babson-Sloan report, more than one in four students are enrolled in at least one Internet-based course, and most higher education express belief that increasing the number of available online degree programs is critical for their long-term success.

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