Partnership looks to update Post University's MBA programPost University and the Waterbury Regional Chamber (WGR) have announced a partnership to update the school’s online MBA degree program. This course of study will allow local business leaders to develop projects that are designed to meet specific needs of the community.

The degree program is designed to focus on creativity, innovation and leadership and will include online classes between monthly meetings.

“Over the years, program participants have not only improved their leadership skills, but made a real and lasting difference in the greater Waterbury community,” said Lynn G. Ward, President and CEO of the Waterbury Regional Chamber. “Post University’s sponsorship, and the faculty and expertise that comes with it, will add a new dimension to our program.”

The course will run for nine months beginning in October. Typical meetings will include eight-hour workshops, panel discussions and visits to local businesses. College officials told the news source that class topics range from history to media and communications.

Graduates of a business program could launch a career in financial management. According to a 2008 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, average annual salaries for individuals in this profession ranged between $77,280 and $134,940.

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