avoid bad study habitsOkay moms, it is very likely that you have adopted some negative studying habits, and sometimes it is unintentional.  We are moms with endless other responsibilities; it is bound to happen right?  I know that I have been there.  If we could only avoid these studying pitfalls, we might perform better in our studies resulting in, you guessed it, better grades.  It’s such an interesting concept isn’t it?  Obviously, if we are surrounded by distractions like music, TV, children screaming, etc., it will make it very difficult to study and obtain the knowledge needed to perform swimmingly on a test or quiz.  According to Bookrags, there are 10 common bad study habits that should be avoided:

1. Studying with friends can lead to conversations unrelated to study materials.

2. Listening to loud music can cause a distraction such as singing along. Try quiet classical music if you need background noise.

3. Studying in uncomfortable conditions such as an uncomfortable chair only makes you tired and restless.  Try studying in areas that are quiet and comfortable to you.

4. Steer away from cramming, this is probably common to moms because the high demands of life.  Try breaking up your study materials into sections per day.

5. Eating during your studies, can most likely cause you to get sleepy and uninterested in the task at hand.  Light snacks are highly encouraged and won’t cause you to feel full.

6. Studying on your bed, is a big no no. I mean we, as moms, know that the bed can become our best friend the minute our head hits that pillow.  It’s best not to study anywhere near your bed or you are likely to take a snooze.

7. Avoid Multi-Tasking if at all possible.  Moms are queens of multi-tasking, it’s what we do best, so it can become a major habit to multi-task while studying like folding the laundry, etc. I am guilty of this, trust me it doesn’t work when you are trying to study.

8. Studying while commuting. We have all done this I am sure.  This is a habit that should definitely be avoided.

9. Drinking while studying, should be a no-brainer.  I am not just referring to alcohol but there is a good chance you can spill your beverage all over your study materials.

10. Letting stress and personal troubles interfere with studying, will cause your studying time to be unsuccessful.  We all have troubles and worries in life.  Try setting aside a time everyday to just focus on your studies leaving everything else out of it.

After skimming or scanning the above information, have you found that you easily adopted 1 or more of these negative study habits?  Which one is hard for you to break?  Also, do you have any tips or advice to share with other moms in school trying to eliminate bad study habits? Tell us in the comments below!

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