Members of the force can now study online.Online colleges, such as Kaplan University, offer adults the opportunity to finish their schooling and obtain degrees through internet-based courses. This week, the International Union of Police Association (IUPA) announced that Kaplan's classes will be accessible to 100,000 members looking to earn a higher education.

"Too often, law enforcement officers find themselves forced to take early retirement for serious career-ending injuries," said IUPA president, Sam Cabral. "An advanced degree opens whole new career opportunities in less strenuous fields and allows an officer to be financially secure."

The partnership the IUPA developed with Kaplan will allow union members to work toward bachelor, associate and master degrees, in addition to professional certificates. Kaplan offers more than 125 online programs in a number of fields, including criminal justice and law. Members who choose to participate will receive 10 percent off of their overall tuition.

Approximately 90 percent of high-wage jobs developed in the next decade will require some postsecondary education, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Online colleges are becoming a more feasible option for busy adults who are looking to finish their schooling. 

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