Every day is a new lesson. Every experience is a new subject. Every setting is a different classroom.

Ask me about my degree. Ofttimes, I feel as if I am pursuing a BS (pun intended) in Single Parenting/ Savvy Business Practices/ Sales and Marketing/ Health/ Nutrition/ Fitness/ Dating?/ Pursuit of Happiness. I’m sure I can add to this list as time progresses! I am a full-time woman, full-time mom, and full-time student with a full-time career. I am actually quite the norm these days. As an online college student, my senses are heightened, and I realize that there is opportunity to learn in everything I do, even in challenges and failure.

Challenges arise. There is no denying that! But that doesn’t preclude us from learning. That is what should drive us further to strive harder. Meeting challenges head-on daily is akin to conditioning. The best athletes train and condition daily, even through injury. I’m no athlete; but I am a champion. Success comes incrementally. With each success, some rain must fall. Failures may cast shadows on my path. What I have learned is I only truly fail when I stop trying. Life is one BIG lesson. In my life, failure is not an option; however, I have failed at some things to only learn that, for whatever reason, that particular “thing” wasn’t really meant for me!

“There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them.” ~ Tom Krause

Single parenting, while balancing a career and education, is perhaps one of my biggest yet most rewarding challenges. Although I may have obstacles and perhaps some failures, I know that parenting is my priority. The lesson I am teaching while pursuing my education is invaluable!

My daughter sees the example I set in real time. I don’t have to “tell” her about good choices; I “show” her daily. She sees my hard work in my studies as well as in my business practices. Eventually we will both reap the rewards of it all. The sacrifice of time is sometimes unavoidable. The sacrifice of sleep is an option that many of us elect to remedy loss of time.

Time management is a challenge in many peoples’ lives. I know from experience that this can be the ultimate breaking point between overcoming challenges and failing. You must plan your time in order to make the most of it. But how? My question as well! You would think this would be easy, but it isn’t. Time escapes even the best of planners. My intention, as I grow along this journey, is to improve in managing time and making it all look easy, while getting adequate sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Sounds easy enough… we will see. Welcome to my world of balancing and circus tricks… and life lessons!

What lessons have you gleaned from being a mom, a student, or both? Tell us in the comments below!

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