dreaming of a tropical beachI invite you to take a peek into a typical weekday for me. Somewhere between the alarm going off at 5:45am and 5:45am the next day, things get a little… ummmm… FRANTIC!

A beautiful and serene beach setting, the sound of the ocean, a gentle breeze, the sun warming my body, the fragrance in the air – orchids and coconut….

5:45am: alarm goes off, RUDE AWAKENING! The previous *text* was merely a DREAM – wake up – brush teeth – take dog out – feed dog – wake up the young person I am raising, my child – make tea or coffee – make breakfast – child says she’s not hungry – pack healthy lunch and snack – argue about “wardrobe selection” – demand that she change clothes – monitor the change of clothes – review homework – remind the child to make sure her room and bathroom are clean – make my bed – prepare to go to the gym

squeezing in a workout at the gym7:02am: hugs and kisses, baby girl to bus stop – gym: get some exercise in – phone starts ringing – continue to exercise and handle some business – check Facebook and Twitter while on phone, while STILL on treadmill – get way too absorbed and stay on treadmill a little too long, all the while talking (multi-tasking at its finest) – look at time…

9:15am: how did that happen? – jump off treadmill and race home to shower – get dressed, light makeup, light spritz of my favorite parfum, grab heels, put on flip flops to drive to meeting – put heels in bag with laptop and proposal – pour a cup of coffee to go although I prefer Starbucks – look in mirror – out the door

10:30am: speed down highway, fumble with GPS, realize I left my coffee on the counter

11:03am: park car haphazardly – run into building – phone rings, they’re running behind – SMH – sit in lobby and check phone messages and emails – call next appointment to delay a bit – review proposal for any flaws

11:25am: start walking to elevator – realize I STILL HAVE ON FLIP FLOPS – detour to powder room – change shoes – elevator – 15th floor, meet prospective client – present proposal – nail it – get approval – they ask if I can do lunch – unfortunately, I have to decline – off to next meeting – stomach growling

In the office1:45pm: pull up to existing client’s office – review verbiage for website, discuss rebranding, they make idle conversation, lose 35 minutes

3:00pm: HAVE to head home to meet up with my child – accident on freeway, TRAFFIC – STOMACH SCREAMING AT ME

3:36pm: meet bus at gate – PHEW! – converse with child over snack and homework – realize I have to finish my own assignment – take dog out – library run because my daughter needs a book for homework – peruse the library a bit too long

6:00pm: head back to the house – detour to grocery store – food shopping, still hungry, buy entirely too much

7:08pm: carrying groceries in – start dinner, direct child to complete her homework, edit said homework – start my homework again

8:15pm: eat dinner – talk about day, friends, why she can’t cut her hair, her friend Grace having a boyfriend, gossip at school, lecture about the inappropriateness of 10 year olds dealing with boyfriends and/or gossip – phone rings, client having a crisis with a logo design and color palette – tell client that I will have to call them back – “When is it appropriate to have a boyfriend, Mommy?” “Mom, I can’t eat this chicken. I’m a vegetarian.” “Mom, can we go to Target because Katie has this really cute tee-shirt from there?”

8:54pm: clean up after dinner, send child to shower – that would be a “No, we cannot go to Target” – sit at laptop to look over my assignment – call client back and tackle the logo issue and discuss rebranding… colors, etc.

9:20pm: tell child that she is going to turn into a raisin, please get out of shower

9:45pm: help her with hair and tuck into bed

10:10pm: back in front of laptop, read emails, sign into online course – tackle homework assignment and post by…

12:00am: set up client Facebook and Twitter accounts and start posting – check my accounts – draft a blog entry – reply to emails from earlier – play with InDesign – take dog out

2:27am: why am I still up? – Adobe Photoshop has me mesmerized

3:45am: wide awake – peel myself away from my laptop and go to bed

5:45am: alarm rings… Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? “Today is tomorrow. It happened.” LOLOL…. I hope you took a few breaths. I didn’t.

What are your days like? Share in the comments below!

2 comments on “A Day in the Life: Take a deep breath… Ready, Set, GO!

  • I can really relate to this! Too many times I find myself saying there aren’t enough hours in one day to get everything done.

    I am a single mom too. My daughter just turned 13, so I really have something on my hands! On top of that, I work a 9-to-5, have my own business (launching a blog soon too), I have a mentor that I try to meet with once a week, I am on a production crew with an organization I belong to and I am on the video and media ministry at my church.

    I can relate to your daily schedule. And with me being in the creative industry, I know how that Photoshop can keep you up all night!

    Good blog Monica, keep em coming! Once I get my blog going I hope to see you stop by and read sometimes!

  • Thank you for your input! We have to encourage one another! Keep up the good work! The challenge of having little girls makes everything pale in comparison at times! LOL… Stay focued and continue to set attainable goals! You will achieve all that you desire and then some! Daily schedules are our course. Stay on track and remember to make time for YOU! Breathe! Of course I will read your blog! I look forward to it! Please keep me posted! All my best! ~ MP

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