time managementBack in the day, I remember that I loved looking through my father’s briefcase. I can still recall how the leather smelled. The surface was smooth and worn. The bracket enclosures would spring open and make a snapping sound when I applied pressure. Inside, the briefcase was lined in suede and had many compartments. I was always in awe of all the neat files, reports and papers I didn’t understand, pretty Mont Blanc pens, mints, calculator, perhaps tickets from his last international flight, and his Day Timer.

That planner was my father’s Bible. He wrote everything in it. He wrote with a fine point pencil. It was extremely detailed and, surprisingly, it was all very neat. His days were methodically planned out. Appointments, meetings, contacts, holidays, birthdays, and scheduled trips were tediously written out. After a day was completed, he would tear the corner along the perforation. He FILED each month, systematically. I am still impressed to this day.

Fast forward to the technology of today… We have every means to stay on task – even better than a written planner. We now have laptops, cell phones, applications, and calendars that synch and alert us. I have an iPhone and it is amazing; but, unless I condition myself to utilize it to its fullest capacity, it is merely a phone with awesome “potential”.

Potential is something we all have! Time Management + Potential makes us efficient. Moreover, it makes us effective. Let me ask you, what good is your alarm clock if you consistently press the snooze button and ultimately waste time? What good is a Day Timer, planner, or calendar if you don’t schedule, allocate time, and follow the intended program? The tools are there but are useless without implementation.

We all have days that go berserk. It happens. It’s called LIFE. If we veer off course, we can redirect and regain our composure. The time lost is gone. Don’t fret about it. Keep moving. It may take time to make time. Does that make sense? Make time to organize your time. Manage your time better. If this means scheduling your day, even your free time, do so. Sounds a bit OCD, doesn’t it? Not really. The most successful people did not reach their level of success by flying by the seat of their pants. They took deliberate steps to achieve their success.

keep track of timeI am challenging myself to attain better time management. I am challenging you to join me. What tools do you have that can help you? I know that different people require different methods to stay on task. Effective time management can improve performance, streamline your day, and reduce stress.

Perhaps you need to write things out. Maybe you prefer to utilize gadgets such as PDA’s, Smartphones, laptops, or other digital organizers. Whatever method you choose, the best way to effectively improve your efficiency is by controlling your time better. Take control, one minute at a time. It is a little challenging at the onset; but, I guarantee, in forming this habit, you will be far happier. Time is not as elusive as we think. We just have to be smarter in utilizing it better.

I will always have fond memories of my father’s briefcase and his Day Timer. He has surpassed me in technology however. Daddy stays on top of his time now by networking his home and office with Macs: iMacs, Macbooks, an iPad, and two PCs. He is extremely organized and is always punctual. He balances the family business and enjoys his gadgets. He enjoys his free time because he has earned it as he is the Master of Time Management. I can’t let him know that he has me beat! I am my father’s daughter and I will overcome my personal battle with time management and so will you! The challenge starts NOW!

What challenges do you have managing your time? Any tips for us? Tell us in the comments below!

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