More universities are providing degrees for working professionalsMany individuals are beginning to seek ways to work full-time while earning a degree in an effort to advance in their jobs or to start another career. More people are turning to online education as a means to satisfy their need to complete their education and land lucrative positions.

Nonprofit schools are allowing professionals to complete their degree in a fully online format. Every course at the school is accredited and because it is nonprofit, college officials say it costs less than other schools, making it more attractive during the economic recession.

“The university opened about 14 years ago, and currently has about 14,000 students,” says Philip Schmidt, associate provost of one non-profit university. “We are a competency-based university. The emphasis is on how much you know about a subject, not the amount of seat time you put in a classroom.”

For professionals who already have degrees, the university provides certificate programs that can help professionals keep their skills sets up-to-date.

According to a recent report from the Babson Survey Research Group and Sloan Consortium, approximately 25 percent of students are enrolled in at least one online class.

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