How to take better lecture notesWhether you are new to the college scene or returning to continue your education, it is inevitable that there will always be class lectures.  Our responsibility as a student is to jot down all the important points in order to be successful in the class.  We need to be good note-takers for that to happen.

I know, taking notes is a very tedious task, but it is also a good way to obtain all the valuable information needed for tests and quizzes.

According to the University of Nevada, Reno, “to be successful, you must make what you hear part of your own thinking.”

Wow, right? This really hit home with me when I read this because obviously the only way you are going to really understand a lecture is if you take what is being conveyed at the time and indeed making it a part of your thinking. How can this be done? According to the University of Nevada, Reno, there are ways to be a successful note-taker. Let’s take a look at 4 ways you can take good lecture notes:

1. Be prepared to take GOOD notes.

Meaning, understand what topics will be covered before class.

2. Know your instructor’s teaching style.

Do they lecture right out of the book?  Do they use a variety of sources that back up the text book? Etc.

3. Understand what you write.

If you just write down anything not understanding what it means, when you go to review your notes later, it may not make any sense, which can become a big headache. I have encountered this on several occasions.

4. Take your notes the same way.

If you stick to a note-taking system that works for you, most likely you will become successful in the class. If you change it up all the time, it might become confusing.

How about you? Do you have any note-taking tips that might be worth sharing with other moms wanting to take good lecture notes? I would love to hear from you.

2 comments on “4 Ways to Take Good Lecture Notes

  • I found “Soundnote” on the ipad is a great way for taking notes! It let’s you record the whole speech and then at the same time you can write on the note pad. Then when reviewing your written notes you can click on any word in the notes and it will play what was recorded at the time you wrote that note! Works like a charm.

    Also remember the best way to learn is to relate all new things to something you do understand. By connecting the unknown to the known it helps you connect the new facts and understand them at a rate like never before.

  • The best way to get good lecture notes is to come to class, having prepared the night before. You can’t expect to learn if you do not prepare yourself the night before.

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