blog for Moms in SchoolIf you are mom reading this, most likely you are well aware of the website, BabyCenter.  BabyCenter rocks!  It offers everything that we, as new or seasoned moms, need to understand a baby, toddler, preschooler, or big kid’s development.  It is a wonderful site and one which I have used since my first baby was born.

BabyCenter also offers communities for birth clubs, groups, photos, people, blogs, and journals.  You can even create your very own group if you so choose.

I recently found a college moms community.  “This is a group especially created for new mommies still working their way through college.  Are you newly married?  Have you just found out your pregnant?  Still in School?  Wondering if you will ever finish now that you have a little one running around?  This group offers ways for you to share or receive fun or serious advice, ways to vent, and receive support for being a mommy.” ~College Mom Community

College Mom Topics

Some of the topics you can see covered in the College Moms Babycenter Community are things like:

New Single Mom….full time- This is for moms who take on a full course load while being a mommy.

College mom beginner – This is for moms starting their college journey.

Midnight Classes – This is for moms taking online courses which begin at Midnight.

A new mom to be – This is for new moms on the road to raising a baby while taking college courses.

Have you ever joined a college mom online community? Which one have you joined?  If you haven’t joined a college mom online community, would you ever consider joining one such as college mom BabyCenter community?  Looking forward to your comments.

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