How many of you feel like a circus act? Sometimes, we are juggling soft little tufts of pillows. Other times, we are juggling flaming torches. Yet, other times we are perilously juggling daggers. Life as a working Mom, who is pursuing an education, is akin to a very skillful juggling circus act.

If we could just slow down, we might not feel as if we always had 3, 4, or 5 things up in the air on a regular basis! The truly talented, make it appear effortless; but, we all have moments of bloopers. They are inevitable. All the items in the air start to come crashing down. Being the ever skilled Mom/Employee/Student that we are, we sometimes gracefully, sometimes not-so-gracefully toss everything back up in the air to continue our juggling.

There are no awards, no fancy ribbons, or emblazoned sashes accompanied with beautiful, sparkly tiaras. There is, however, a sense of accomplishment. We get our accolades when our little ones pass a test or earn a merit badge; when we ace an exam; or, when we advance in our careers. Our pride is within and we celebrate the victories as they come. And then, we juggle some more.

“They” say we are never given more than we can handle. I beg to differ. We are inundated frequently with more than we can handle; however, we learn the dynamics of juggling and keeping all of our objects lofting in the air. How many times have you had an assignment due and still had to attend a PTA meeting? How many times have you gotten stuck in traffic and missed part of a meeting because your little one was slow moving or sick in the morning? The burden of it all is ours. Proudly we juggle.

Sometimes, it does take its toll. We may be stricken with a cold because our immune system is compromised due to the stress of it all. Yet, through it all, we juggle – all too often, highly medicated and in a haze. We are exhausted; but, we know that if we don’t do it, it won’t get done.

It is OK to elect to STOP juggling periodically. It is OK to find serenity. Moms, we are efficient and fearless! We want to always plow forward. Understand this, in order to have the finesse to continue our juggling routine, we must be able to re-energize. Those tufts that you are juggling today may turn to daggers tomorrow. We also have to extinguish fires along the way. Some days may seem as if we have all three mediums up in the air: the tufts, the torches, and the daggers!

You are an amazing circus act! But even the funniest clown, the most accomplished lion trainer, and the nimblest juggler… must all rest. The show continues tomorrow. Get your rest. I promise you this – all of those items that you’re juggling, they will still be there!

Do you feel like a juggling act? How have you been able to balance your lifestyle? Leave us a comment. We would love to hear about it!

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