reasons not to go to collegeColleges promise to prepare us for the job market, help us find satisfying careers related to our majors, expand our knowledge, and give us the guarantee of being a well-rounded individual upon graduation. These are all lofty aspirations and valid reasons to pursue a higher education.

But, many attend college for all the wrong reasons. If you are considering college for any of the following reasons, do yourself a favor and save your money.

Don’t go to college…

1. To get a high-paying job after graduation

Any student who fools themselves into thinking that the degree guarantees big bucks is sadly mistaken. Most graduates start at the bottom of the food chain and work their way up. You won’t snag that five-figure salary right off the bat, so don’t get into so much debt that you can’t pay it back. Be realistic about your earning potential and plan accordingly; many college students overestimate.

2. To find a spouse

While colleges are vast pools of eligible mates, going to a particular college to find that mate is a bad idea. Heading to Harvard or Yale looking to snag a doctor or a lawyer is a poor excuse for higher education.

3. To escape your problems

College is not a “hide-out” from your problems. If you use it solely for that purpose, you will be completely disappointed that your problems follow you into that freshman dorm room. The pressures of college only make them more intense.

4. To party

If you are going to college solely to party (or hook up) you might as well take that money you (or your parents) are spending and burn it. Showing up to class wasted or skipping class altogether because of a hangover is not considered a wise financial investment.

5. Because you don’t want to work

If you are headed to college (or grad school) because you don’t want to work, you better assess your goals. If you don’t have a work ethic, you will quickly find that college is work. You have to study, organize, and plan your days if you want to be successful. In order to be successful in college, you will have to apply yourself and make it your job.

6. Because you have nothing better to do

College should not be used as something to pass the time. Taking the education you will be receiving for granted is selfish and wasteful. Many who want to go to college cannot. If you are blessed to have that privilege, you should recognize its value and treat it accordingly.

College can be a life-changing experience if you are invested in the process and have specific goals in mind. Otherwise, it’s a waste of your time and money; not to mention your potential. A higher education is to be valued, not taken for granted.

Are you thinking of going to college? Are your reasons the right reasons? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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