on campus jobs to get better jobs after graduationFirst of all, you’re at college to get an education. But you’re also at college to gain the knowledge and experience you’ll need in your future career. When you graduate you’ll be thrown into the job market, vying for jobs against a potential horde of other job seekers who—just like you—are freshly graduated and looking for jobs. How are you going to differentiate yourself from the pack? Luckily, college is also a great place to get future job experience while you’re still getting your education. Colleges offer unique opportunities that can give you great experience to help you stand out in the job market once you graduate:

1. Internships

Most colleges offer internship opportunities both on and off campus for motivated students. Internships will give you great work experience and allow you to make connections that you can use after you graduate.

2. Professorial Assistants

Many college professors need assistants to help them with research, grading, or special projects. Be on the lookout for professors in your department who need extra help. Working with a professor in your field will not only look great on your resume, but you’ll gain some great knowledge and experience as you work next to an expert in his or her chosen field—knowledge you can take with you to future jobs after you graduate.

3. Tutors

Tutoring is a great way to boost your resume while still in school. Being a tutor shows potential employers that you are concerned about the learning of others and that you know your subject matter well enough to be able to succinctly explain it to others.

4. College Paper

Working at your college paper is not just for writers and future journalists. A college paper also needs graphic designers, photographers, layout artists, marketers, administrators, accountants, and more. Working for the college paper can give you a fantastic real-world experience working for an organization, meeting deadlines, and communicating with others.

5. Administration

You’re probably not going to be able to become an administrator while you are still in school, but college administrations supports a large body of staff, from executive assistants and secretaries to marketers, IT experts, web designers, and more. If you’re looking at going into business, IT, or administrative services, getting a job supporting your college’s administration is a great place to start.

Remember, your experience in school will make you stand out to potential employers. The more unique and deep experience you can gain in your field before you graduate, the better you’ll fare in the job market after you graduate.

Which on-campus jobs (if any) have you had? Which have been the most beneficial to you? Tell us in the comments below!

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One comment on “5 On-Campus Jobs That Will Make You Stand Out in the Job Market After Graduation

  • These are good suggestions. I would add that getting a job with the department that you are majoring in is a consideration. My spouse got a job with the language lab in the foreign language department. When schools were looking for qualified candidates to interview, the recommendation of the head of the department was a plus.

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