University begins to offer online classes in high-demand fieldsThe French-American University, which is affiliated with the American University of Kinshasa Foundation, has announced the launch of new online courses for its computer science and MBA degree programs.

Officials from the school said that the online classes are designed for students who need to plan around their busy work schedules, as they allow them to access the course content 24 hours a day from any part of the world. The university is offering bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees in fields such as computer and information technology, international relations as well as business administration.

“Our online courses are a timely response to the concern and needs of numerous adults living in isolated regions around the world, or those whose jobs or family obligations prevent students from attending classes in a university restricted to a classic course schedule,” said K.K. Ruben, senior academic advisor.

Curricula are taught by professors from Europe, Africa, and Japan, and the classes cost between $720 and $2,640 each.

According to U.S. News and World Report, enrollment in online programs has increased by 832 percent over the past nine years. Furthermore, nearly 2 million students are currently taking web-based courses.

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