Online enrollment continues to grow at a Kentucky-based schoolIn response to the steady stream of new students who are signing up for online classes, the University of Kentucky continues to add online courses, reports the Kentucky Kernel.

College officials told the news source that 29 new online offerings were added during the summer 2010 session, which included general education classes as well as upper division courses. Undergraduate nonresident students made up the majority of those who took web-based classes during the summer.

Student retention is at an all-time high at the school with about 82 percent of students who take online courses returning. College officials added that graduation rates will continue to improve as well.

“The real goal is to increase student success and graduation rates, and move graduation to four or five years rather than six years and beyond,” Mark Kornbluh, arts and sciences dean, told the news source.

The online classes require individuals to comment on and write about the material. One online student added that even someone who is unengaged must write something or risk failing the course.

Reuters reports that nearly 25 percent of U.S. students currently take at least one of their college courses online, which represents an increase from approximately 10 percent in 2002.

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