mom pep talkWith the holidays, I sometimes find I need more motivation than ever. There’s too much on my plate, and too many deadlines looming because everyone wants their papers, articles, stories and more before their vacations. So that means I need a Mommy Pep Talk.

I came up with these little “talks” to help me get through the tough times. I am lucky because I am a very self-motivated person; my mother gave that skill to me. She left home at 15 (yes, I’m not exaggerating) and supported herself from that day forward. So she made sure her girls could take care of themselves and get done what needed to get done.

As a result, I’m very disciplined and a go-getter – when I feel like it (that procrastination came from my dad…but trust me, he gave me a lot more good qualities than bad!). Thus, I need a pep talk from time to time to get my rear in gear.

So here’s my version of a holiday Pep Talk…You’re probably already doing at least one of these things, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little help around this time of year. Stress and anxiety always seem to accompany the good times in this household; probably they do in your house too.

Here’s my top 5 reminders to myself this week.

1. Educate yourself

Whether it is reading a new book, trying a new class, going back to school or just checking out a magazine, you’re educating yourself and making yourself better. Education is key to success and self-confidence.

2. Don’t be afraid – to say anything

If you get asked to help or take on one more task, say no. If you want a job and you think you can’t do it, try anyway. If you’re having a shy day, try smiling at someone new. Get out there and don’t be scared.

3. Be confident

Enough said. Even if I have to pretend to have it all together most days, it makes me feel good to present myself as a well-organized person. It gives me a boost to think of all I’ve already accomplished, and that keeps me going.

4. Be relevant

Stay focused. Stay on topic. Keep your eyes focused on the task at hand. Yes, the dishes need doing and the noses need wiping. But you’ve got to get things done if you want to clear your mind and feel peaceful.

5. Know your audience

Give your husband a hug. Give your kids a kiss. Give yourself a pat on the back. Everyone needs to know you’re paying attention to them – including you. Helping others feel good actually will make you feel better.

Now get out there and go get ‘em, Tigers!

Do you have any pep talks you like to give yourself on those rough days? Tell us in the comments!

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