tips to stay organizedIf you got a chance to read Keeping the Busy Mom Organized Part 1“,  I discussed some tips on how to organize your busy schedule. Let’s take a look at three other topics which can become  major monsters in our homes if we don’t tackle them in an organized fashion: Household chores, papers, papers, and more papers, and overcoming clutter.

Household Chores

With young children and busy schedules it can become difficult to keep any room clean and tidy.  Here are some brief tips that I have been using since last year from I am an organizing junkie:

*Create a cleaning schedule- Don’t feel like you have to clean all the rooms every single day.  Focus on what days you will vacuum, dust, sanitize, scrub, wash, etc.  That way you can just scan every room, every day and tidy if needed not worrying about if it is vacuumed, dusted, sanitized etc.  Be sure to include laundry days on your cleaning schedule as well, like what day a week you will change and transfer clean sheets, etc. and what days you will do the folding and putting away.

*Assign chore charts- Older kids are able to clean up after themselves.   Teach them how to put their dishes in the dishwasher, clothes in the hamper, etc.

Organizing school papers, bills, receipts etc.

Do you have a “catch all” table? Yeah, I did too and it still can happen on occasion but I recently learned an awesome way to keep all of the paper chaos under control.

*Paper Basket- If you like to keep everything in one place, keep a flat basket to just toss every paper item into and keep wherever you wish.  Be sure to throw away or shred papers that are invalid or your basket of organized papers will become a mountain of chaos.

*Filing System- If you want to keep all of the different papers organized by “type” a filing system is the way to go and the one I have been using and it has been great!  You can get a small filing system from Target at around $20.  It includes folders with tabs etc.  Label each folder according to your papers like: Receipts, school papers, homework, etc.  Again, throw away or paper shred invalid papers to keep the folders nice and thin.

Organizing Clutter

Clutter.  Just the word makes my head spin as we have all been down the road of clutter.  Let’s face it clutter just happens but it can be minimized and easily.  Stores like Target and Walmart sell different sizes of plastic bins.  These are perfect for toys, tools, books, etc.  Just label and stack nicely.  This is perfect for basements which tend to be notorious for clutter.

Please share any tips and tricks you have learned along the way!  The more the merrier.

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