natural energy for momsAs your alarm clock rudely awakens you to start your day, you roll slowly to the edge of the bed as if you are about to roll off but slowly stand to your feet with a giant yawn and stretch.  Now if you can just turn off the alarm completely without hitting snooze right?  I know that as busy moms it is so very hard to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day.  Being a busy mom of three is just plain exhausting so I became desperate as to search for ways to naturally boost my energy without caffeine etc.

According to a recent article I dug up on Buzzle, there are 10 steps to help you increase your energy levels and in a healthy and safe manner:

  1. Eat a serving of Protein everyday!  Fish, chicken, nuts, etc. are excellent sources of protein for your body.  As alternatives for busy days I grab a tablespoon of peanut butter, it really seems to do the trick.
  2. Reducing or eliminating sugar will help boost your energy levels. Sugars and additives like high fructose corn syrup can significantly reduce your energy on top of being very unhealthy for you.
  3. Take nutrition and vitamin supplements.  Diet and exercise together will boost your metabolism therefore boost your energy levels.
  4. Observe any food allergies or intolerances that you may be experiencing.  These alone or combined are highly likely to reduce energy levels.
  5. Gas, bloating, etc. is a sign of poor digestive health within your intestines.  This can cause low energy levels.
  6. Get a physical checkup.  You doctor can determine if your fatigue may be caused by a medical problem etc.
  7. Sleep! I know, easier said than done right?  Well, getting 6-8 hours every night can rejuvenate your body boosting your energy levels significantly.
  8. Exercise! Don’t over do or under do!  Try exercising three to five times per week.
  9. Maintain good emotional health!  This can be managed with good sleeping habits, etc. Any stress to the body will cause us to be lethargic.
  10. Don’t Worry!  Worrying is draining and pointless to your body.  Focusing at tasks at hand will help you stay on track.

I can honestly say that using all ten tips in my daily life has changed my energy levels and for the better.  I am feeling stronger and more energetic and look forward to taking on my day.  I was never able to say that before.

How about you?  Do you have any natural energy tips that help you?  If you haven’t tried anything, would you consider trying these above tips if you knew it would boost your energy and naturally? Please share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

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