Multitasking MomLet’s admit it: I cannot multitask. I have a one-track mind, and focusing on multiple things at once just escapes me. It was bad when I was single and working full time; it’s worse now that I have so much relying solely on me. So finding a way to balance lately has been trying, especially with the holidays afoot.

Take today for example. In the morning, I helped a friend who is pregnant with her fourth child (!). I babysat the younger two while she went to her first doctor’s appointment. The result? Every time I turned away, the 15-month-old baby slipped by me and went up the stairs. Or down the stairs. Or tried to get out the door. The extra 20 or so gray hairs are from him, thank you very much.

Then, in the afternoon, I decided to clean the whole house. There were crumbs everywhere from said playdate, and I just couldn’t take it any more. So the kids were screaming around, dragging out toys, paints, flashcards. My husband, who is home for the day, was cursing me for starting the laundry before he had a chance to replace the lint guard. The result: Water everywhere, including all over his work shirts. (Did I mention I swiped said shirts with my mop as I went by? I didn’t mention that to him; let’s keep it between us.)

My girl and me on a more relaxed day

So, I cannot multitask. But I’m trying. It just seems like something always slips through the cracks: a lost doctor’s bill, a permission note, those special items the kindergarten teacher wanted, like, yesterday. My goal for the holiday week ahead: try to focus on one thing well. Get it done. Move on to the next. Don’t try to make everyone happy; just try to keep everyone from killing one another. (Did I mention this is the first year I’m trying to make Thanksgiving dinner for my husband’s family? I’m dying already.)

How do you balance everything you need to do this week? Maybe I’ll shut down Twitter, Facebook and the TV. I’ll turn up the holiday tunes (yes, already on the radio where I live) and let the rest go. No one is perfect, my 10-year-old niece always says, not even close. I think she’s on to something.

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