College offers new healthcare degree to answer demand for medical record keepersColumbus State Community College recently announced that it will receive $800,000 over the next two years to train students to work in in the healthcare field, reports the Columbus Dispatch.

Officials told the news source that the grant is designed to train 300 medical record keepers online to help hospitals, doctor’s offices and other medical facilities make the switch from paper to computers.

"The [federal government] have been pushing for electronic health records for years to improve patient care and reduce the number of repetitive tests and clinical errors," said Gary Clark, the health information technology program coordinator at the school, told the news source. "They also want patients to have better information about their own health.”

Students take a total of eight online classes over two quarters and graduate with a certificate in one of five areas. The credits they earn can be applied toward an associate’s degree in health information management technology.

Graduates who earned a degree in health information management technology can start careers as medical and health services managers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals in this profession can earn median annual wages that range between $52,170 and $104,120 per year.

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