holiday shopping guide for momsI don’t know about you but Christmas brings me a bundle of mixed emotions.  The joy of Christmas and it’s true meaning is so wonderful along with the beautiful Christmas decorations you see on every corner.  And how about Christmas music? Gotta love that right?  It definitely gets me in the Holiday spirit but one thing definitely gets me a little stressed this time of year.  You guessed it, Christmas shopping.  I know that we try to set goals to get organized and get the shopping done early.  We plan to get the gifts wrapped and tuck them away until December 25th.  Let’s face it, this is not always easy and one thing for sure, I am far from being done from my Christmas shopping, okay you got me, I haven’t even started shhhh.  Tell me I am not alone, I will feel so much better.

Who wants to pack up the kids and go out shopping in that hustle and bustle? Phewww, I know that I don’t and just the thought makes my head spin.  Well, I have figured out some easy ways to get my shopping done easily and conveniently. Some may be of interest to you and some may not.  Whatever works best for your budget and busy schedules.

Christmas Shopping Online

Have you ever considered shopping online?  I have done this the past few years and let me tell you, it is stress and hassle free.  You can usually find free shipping or even promotional deals which can really come in handy.  Most places offer or sell gift wrapping before they ship which can be a nice load off of your plate.

If you do not want to worry about when your item will be shipped, if you purchase online locally you can  state that you will come to the store to pick it up.  The options of shopping online are nice and definitely take the hustle out of bustle that is for sure.

Early Morning or Nighttime Shopping

If you are leary about taking the kids out in crowds or you just plain can’t handle being around crowds yourself, consider shopping in the early morning hours or late evening hours when the kids are in bed, and providing you have someone to stay at home with the children while you are making your Christmas shopping rounds.

Coupon Extravaganza

Christmas is the best time to take advantage of those coupons.  From Target to Kohl’s, use them! You will be surprised how much you can save.  A lot of these stores offer bonuses and giveaways if you present the right coupons.  I wish I would have jumped on this bandwagon sooner as a friend of mine just earned over $30 dollar in bonuses from shopping at Kohl’s.  Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

How about you?  Do you have any Christmas shopping tips or advice to share with us?  We could use all the Holiday wisdom from other busy moms, it is highly valued.

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