New MomIf you feel like you’re overwhelmed, stressed out, trying to do everything…it’s because you are what one group is calling “The New Mom.” Nice to have such a fancy title, huh?

I found this out from Sphere Trending, a Waterford, Mich., based company that is known as experts in helping firms understand future innovation opportunities in product, services and design. They came up with the slogan “The New Mom” based on their observations about modern life, women’s roles and the changing home.

Just look at your own life: You are in school, you’re probably working and you’re balancing a family. Many of you may be single mothers; others are trying to get a decent marriage squeezed in among every other responsibility. We are different than previous generations. We aren’t Superwoman, but we are working harder than ever and trying to do more.

Here’s what Sphere Trending found: “It is both the best of times and the most stressful of times for the mom of today. She benefits from decades of evolution into equal status in the home and workplace, which has led to a whole new category of mom entrepreneurs as well as businesses devoted to solutions for the working mom.

“At the same time, this new mom is trying to create balance in a world that is reversing roles to create partnerships to handle the multiple responsibilities of home, child care, aging parents and work. This new era is bringing about female economic power, political power and social power that will create new opportunities in both the home and workplace.

“Understand… that today’s mom is unlike any of previous generations; she is more highly educated, more likely to be employed, more challenging on products that affect the health and wellness of her family and more creative in finding ways to save money to get what she wants.”

So give yourself a break today. Try your best, yes, of course. But also realize that you are a new kind of woman: trying to make everything work and in a short amount of time. It’s not easy, and I salute you for doing it. Reach around and pat yourself on the back, you New Mom. And realize that you’ll have time tomorrow to get it all done, really. I mean it.

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