Planner for MothersI am so excited!  I found a small gift with a great purpose that I would like to add to my Christmas list this year.  Would you believe that there is a day planner designed specifically for busy moms? I probably got your attention right about now and you are now eager to read more details on these particular planners right?  Just a lucky guess.

Well, just recently in my search to become a more organized mom, I found an amazing site called Mom Agenda.  This site is eye candy for those of you who have a passion for organization or want to become more organized.  Fortunately, their prices seem very reasonable especially for those of us who are on a tight budget this year.

I have my eye on the pink-rose crocodile mom agenda day planner.  It also comes in spring-green.  What can I say, I am stuck on pink. I can’t help it, I have all girls!   Anyways, this day planner is $34.50 and absolutely posh if you ask me.  Can’t wait to see if Santa brings this mom her busy mom planner.

Mom Agenda Products

Mom Agenda’s other products include but are not limited to:

Personal Portfolios

Mini-Daily Planners

Home Office Edition Planners

Day Planners For Everyone

Home Organizers

Pads and Accessories

Most of their products are elegant pink which brings out the feminine moms in all of us.  I am also very excited about Mom Agenda because you can sign up for mom agenda rewards.  If your friends purchase a product from their online store you can give them 10% off just for you signing up for rewards.  Moms will receive 10 mom agenda dollars when any of their friends make their first online mom agenda purchase.  Doesn’t that sound so enticing?  I am so excited to sign up.

Do you keep a day planner?  Would you consider getting one designed specifically for the busy mom?  Also, if you know of other sites that sell mom planners designed for the busy mom, we would love to hear from you.  Here is to staying organized but staying posh, cute, and trendy in the process!

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