University of California seeking ways to implement online degree programsLarger universities are beginning to see the positives of online education, as some of them are starting to design web-based courses that can help students complete various curricula.

In an effort to attract more students and stay competitive with other schools in the area, The University of California is seeking ways to implement web-based classes through the school’s Online Instruction Pilot Program, reports the City on a Hill Press.

“If you have a virtual classroom, you may not be limited by location space,” Jessica Fiske-Bailey, assistant vice provost for undergraduate education at the school, told the news source. “The theory behind it is that you will not be limited to taking classes at the location you are located in.”

The program will allow faculty members to propose an online course and decide how the it should be run. Furthermore, professors will have input on how grades will be administered and how exams will be proctored. College officials are currently determining whether web-based instruction can use technological tools to offer students the same educational opportunities that classroom-based instruction does.

According to the 2010 Sloan Survey of Online Learning, nearly 30 percent of all college and university students are enrolled in at least one web-based course.

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