Iowa-based school experiences growth in online course enrollmentA growing trend is beginning to emerge pertaining to college students who want to supplement their on-campus classes with online courses, reports the Press-Citizen.

Students from the University of Iowa told the news source that the main reasons why more people are taking more online classes include better scheduling options, more convenient, save money and graduating more quickly. Institutions also benefit from web-based courses because they can free up faculty and classroom space.

The Iowa State Board of Regents has recently set a goal of increasing enrollment in distance learning programs by 15 percent. The University of Iowa has seen the number of on-campus students taking online classes increase by 55 percent in 2010. Furthermore, the school is offering 33 percent more web-based courses than in 2009.

"When used in support of certain classes, [online courses] can actually enhance the learning ability of the student because the student can budget their time better." Craig Lang, Iowa State Board of Regents, told the news source.

According to a 2009 report by Reuters, nearly one in four U.S. students currently are enrolled in at least some college courses online.

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