Online school, Full Sail University, offers new degree program for filmmakersOfficials at Full Sail University announced the launch of a new bachelor’s degree program in digital cinematography. The 32-month curriculum is designed to focus on the knowledge and understanding of digital cinematography.

College officials said that this online degree program will prepare students for job opportunities in digital-video and digital-filmmaking fields of the entertainment and media industry.

The school’s new program “immerses students in the emerging field of digital cinematography and storytelling through various visual mediums,” said Rick Ramsey, director of visual arts at the school. “We are providing students with the ability to be dynamic visual authors by merging communication and connectivity with technology and creativity.”

Furthermore, the degree program allows students to shoot and edit digital films, commercials, documentaries and webcasts. Officials added that graduates will have the tools to start their own production companies or to enter the job market with the knowledge to become editors, digital cinematographers and independent producers.

Students will primarily be using the university’s “Project LaunchBox” program throughout the duration of the curriculum. Furthermore, this application is used during their education and can be used in their careers as well.

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