Moms avoiding burnout
Are you feeling like you are on the verge of burnout?  Maybe you are already experiencing burnout from the stresses of life.  Fortunately, there are three ways you can eliminate or prevent burnout completely and that is the three R’s.

Okay, you may be thinking to yourself what in the world is the three R’s?  Yeah, I thought this too.  I actually was trying to analyze it.  Well, we all know what R&R is and that is rest and relaxation right?  Well, unfortunately us busy moms do not always get to enjoy R&R which may be why we are on the road to burnout right?  Here is what I learned about the three R’s.  Take notes, this may help you deal with burnout or how to avoid it.

The Three R’s According to Help Guide

  1. Recognize– It is important to look for signs of burnout, this can help you determine what you need to do as far as seeking help.
  2. Reverse– If you are indeed experiencing burnout it can be reversed by managing your stress and seeking support.
  3. Resilience– If we experience burnout, our physical and mental health can worsen so it is important to build that resilience to stress by taking care of our bodies.  This includes a healthy diet, proper amounts of sleep, and physical exercise.

This all makes sense doesn’t it but it is obviously so much easier said then done at times.  I know that this time of year is notorious for causing people to get burnout, especially moms.  I definitely plan on using the three R’s to help me keep my focus and not get burnout.

I think it would be an excellent idea as moms to write the three R’s on a post-it or 3X5 card and put it on our mirror or in our planner, etc. as a reminder to us that we need to stay focused and healthy to avoid burnout.  I think this is an excellent approach and one that should be adopted not just by moms alike but by college students, business men, etc.

Will you consider using the three R’s approach?  Maybe you have tried something different that has helped you?  Please share with us your tips on how to avoid burnout.

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