Photo by Admin at Freedigitalphotos.netAccording to some information I recently skimmed through, I was pretty surprised to read that cramming has its advantages.  Really? Does it?  Well, I will honestly say I have never been one to cram as I feel overwhelmed when I do, but the fact of the matter is as busy moms there may actually be times that we do indeed need to cram but I never thought there would be any advantages to except maybe a decent grade if I am lucky.

According to the Style Bum, (would you believe this is a fashion site)? “Cramming can actually be life-saving if it is done properly.” Hmmm, I bet you are curious right about now.  Well, it goes on to say that: “The rush or thought of not having had studied or done homework should be used as motivational factors to instill knowledge and learning as fast as possible.”  “Too many people have made the mistake of cramming but really placing nothing else in their head.”  I have to laugh at all of this because I never have even thought about cramming in such a detail even down to the science of the brain. 

The author of this very interesting article at the Style Bum actually offers some really amazing techniques to help in cases where you need to cram but  successfully.  Let us check them out, I am very interested in learning more about the benefits of cramming, how about you?


How much time left do you have to cram?  Your brain needs time to organize the info you are about to mentally digest.  The author says that setting an atomic clock (found this very interesting), will boost your mental thought in order to break down the info present.  Study only the main points of a topic instead of waisting time on other notes that may be of no relevance. 

Most Important

Study the topics that seem most important and that you know will most likely be on the test.  You want to pass the test but don’t expect to ace it completely unless you are lucky like some people. 

Oral Examinations

Yikes, these might not be as easy to cram for.  After all the Professor might be able to tell you are trying to skate by.  Focus on an object in the room while you are about to relay the information you so rapidly studied.  Try to relax this might help you get through the examination a little better.

These are some very interesting tips and something I might adopt in the future if I ever find myself having to cram.

How about you?  Are you a crammer?  Do you find this beneficial and very good news?  What are some tips and tricks that may have gotten you through your cramming session?  Please share.

2 comments on “Cramming actually might not be a bad thing

  • I can’t think of a test, paper, or homework assignment that I did in a timely manner. Maybe I’m just a procrastinator at heart, but I tell myself I work best under pressure. It seemed to work for me and I’ve done it with my business as well. Call me crazy by there’s something to be said for waiting until the last minute. Maybe it really is brain scientific!

  • i think that cramming is the best thing to do especially if it is the night of the exam i do it all the time and get good grades and i always find a fun way to d it last second.

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