Online enrollment at Terra Community College sees boosts in the past yearTerra Community College, which is located in Ohio, recently announced that more students are enrolled in their online courses than ever before, reports the Port Clinton News Herald.

Officials told the news source that in the fall semester of 2008, the school offered 57 different online courses for which 1,048 students registered. Since then, they have increased their offerings to 73 classes with almost 2,000 enrollees.

"Terra's students are very busy and want flexible classes," said Nancy Sattler, dean of liberal arts and public services. "Taking distance classes allow students to take their classes when it is most convenient for them."

The school also offers hybrid courses that enable students to meet on-campus and take virtual classes. Furthermore, the school has added 11 sections of classes and over 200 students enrolled from 2009.

They added that the demand for online education in Ohio is strong among individuals over the age of 25. Moreover, community college students make up more than 60 percent of the online learning community.

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