Anna Maria College offers online nursing degree with a holistic approachOfficials from Anna Maria College, located in Massachusetts, have recently announced the launch of its new online bachelor’s of nursing (BSN) degree program.

The web-based registered nurse-to-bachelor’s-of-science-in-nursing (RN-BSN) degree program is geared toward holistic care with an emphasis on patient health concerning mind, body and spirit. Furthermore, officials said that the online curriculum will focus on transcultural and multicultural ideals for community-based care.

The school will allow students to gain credit toward their BSN degree from previous nursing coursework, their national certification status and, in some cases, their previous work experience in the field.

“This is not just a service to our students, it helps fill a critical role for the entire American healthcare system, as demand for qualified, college-educated nurses is expected to outpace supply for the foreseeable future.” says Anne Marie Catalano, director of the school’s nursing program.

Reuters found that approximately one in four U.S. students are currently enrolled in at least some web-based college courses, which represents an increase from one in 10 in 2002.

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