Scholarship program from Western Governors University will be extended into 2011Western Governors University, an online school, recently announced that it plans to extend the Economic Turnaround Scholarship Program into the 2011 academic year.

The scholarship program is geared toward helping those who were recently hit by employment lay-offs to return to college and obtain a bachelor’s or advanced degree. College officials said that nearly 150 students have already been awarded $750,000 in funds.

“While we know that the economy is improving slowly, high unemployment continues,” said Patrick Partridge, vice president of marketing and enrollment, at the school. “Many workers have been unemployed for an extended period of time, and in many cases, the jobs they lost will not be coming back.”

The scholarship aims to help people enter high-demand online programs such as business, information technology, education and healthcare. Furthermore, the tuition assistance also extends to those who have previously obtained a bachelor’s degree, and wish to pursue a post-baccalaureate certificate and teaching license.

Eligible applicants must be able to complete a bachelor’s or post-baccalaureate degree in less than two years after they are accepted to the school.

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